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  • Frederic
    22 septembre 2021


  • Ol
    21 juillet 2019

    This was the first time I had chartered a boat through a company. Here are the things I would do next time. This may be useful to other renters: 1. Clarify if the boat owner allows the use of the onboard desalinator. This dramatically changes how often you need to go into marina. If they don’t allow it prepare to be in port at least once every other day at a minimum. 2. Check on the room expectations of the captain and cook - if you have them. They have the expectation that they won’t sleep in the small head bunks and if you make them it will impact the quality of the trip. Or plan a boat that takes this into account ie bunk beds are not factored into your room availability. 3. If you take an adrenaline package where you intend to waterski check the power of the outboard motor. Our rental came with a 50hp motor which most websites tell you is not close to enough power to get up on skis. Navigare believe it is possible but our skipper said he has struggled to get people up on skis with 60hp. This is a regular complaint apparently. We ended up unable to ski and using the donut to tow was not that enjoyable. The package cost almost 1000 euros but was useful for the skipper to be able to go around and see people and not leave us stranded. 4. Clarify who if anyone is responsible for cleaning the boat including bedrooms upfront so you know exactly the state you need to leave the boat in. We were unclear and ended up over cleaning. 5. Check what mats and pillows for resting on deck there are available. Our boat came with none which made resting on deck uncomfortable. If I had known I would have bought some. This seems like a silly oversight. Hope this is helpful.