Bonjour, je m'appelle Esteban

HOWALD Luxembourg • Membre depuis 2021


À propos de moi

I have been sailing since I can remember and I am keen on sharing my passion with others.

Mon niveau d'experience

  • Sur un voilier : Skipper Pro
  • Sur un bateau à moteur : Skipper Pro
  • Je suis propriétaire


  • Permis hauturier obtenu en 2000
  • Certificat de radiophonie

Expériences maritimes

I come from a family of sailors and have been sailing since 6 years old, mostly in the Atlantic in South America and Europe, later I have sailed regularly off the east coast of Australia on charter boats for the Great Barrier Reef, and I have been a charter skipper in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, I have also done some yacht deliveries and a few crossings and long ocean passages.

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