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Loader Samboat

Bonjour, je m'appelle Francisco Xavier

Membre depuis 2019

À propos de moi

Non renseigné

CV nautique

Mon niveau d'experience

  • Sur un voilier : Skipper Pro
  • Sur un bateau à moteur : Non renseigné


  • Permis hauturier obtenu en 2007

Expériences maritimes

Non renseigné

Avis (3)

  • Great experience with Francisco's boat. Nice boat with good equipment and in good condition.
    Thanks !
  • The overall experience was very very nice. The attention to details lacked somewhat, but the friendlyness and service was very good.
    Check in and out was smooth.
  • Generally the boat was fine and clean but with some important weak points in particular by lack of maintenance, care and investment. Thus a missing boat lock, a leaking cooling water circuit and minimum oil level of motor. The anchor is linked only by a rusty chain element smaller than the main chain and after claim now by an additional thin wire. Navigation maps, except for the local Ria of Vigo are not existing. The owner was not present during check in/ nor check out and his representative on site failed during 1 week - despite many promises day by day - to organize charts, the boat locker and even to sign the contract, but without success. Same on return, no signature of contract as the representative did not appear even 3 hours after the agreed time. Very unreliable.
    At the end I don't have a valid contract and lost 1 week of boat pleasure waiting for repairs and equipment.

    The boat is fine, cheap and seems to be continuously rented but due to missing or broken equipment, missing marine charts, lack of maintenance, leakage of motor and many tape repairs , I would recommend only for local use.
    This restrictions and not clearly marked in the offer.

    Beside this I spent at least 2 great weeks, but taking a lot of risk on my own.